Digital Gold on Base Chain

Imagine the allure of owning gold bars—not just any bars, but monumental ones, each weighing a ton, so vast that no force on earth could move them. This is not merely an opportunity; it's a gateway to unparalleled wealth. With liquidity firmly secured and control virtually relinquished, our venture stands on a solid foundation, boasting a 4.2% advantage in market dynamics, with detractors swiftly sidelined.

Our venture, Digital Gold on the Base Chain (DGB), commenced with a supply of 244,000 DGB, mirroring the total metric tons of gold extracted from the earth. In a decisive move, our community elected to incinerate approximately 48,000 bars, elevating the value of 1 DGB to represent roughly 1.2 metric tons of this precious metal.

The introduction of our Staking system on May 21st marks a pivotal moment, offering rewards for gold stakers that are as solid as the gold itself. This system, accessible through a link on our webpage to the token details, not only incentivizes holding but also significantly enhances the value of each stake with real-world gold equivalence.

Furthermore, the onboarding of millions through Coinbase's Base Blockchain is set to revolutionize access, making it seamless for a vast audience to participate in this golden opportunity. This integration with Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution incubated by Coinbase, ensures low transaction fees and a secure, scalable platform for our digital gold, thereby opening the doors to wealth accumulation on an unprecedented scale.

The Evolution of Money

well. it shows the evolution of money over civilizations history. the point is, we started with gold, and we ended with gold on base chain ticker: dgb

Key Tokenomic Policies:

  1. Liquidity Locked and Renewed Each Quarter
    Ensuring liquidity is locked and regularly renewed is crucial for maintaining the stability and reliability of the token. This practice helps prevent major price manipulations and builds trust among investors.

  2. Community Involvement and Voting for Direction of Project
    Allowing the community to vote on the project's direction empowers token holders and fosters a democratic environment where everyone's voice can be heard. This involvement is essential for aligning the project with the interests of its users.

  3. 3% of Remaining Supply Burned Each Quarter of Every Year
    Implementing a deflationary mechanism by burning 3% of the remaining token supply every quarter helps reduce the total circulating supply, potentially increasing the token's value over time.

  4. DGB Growing APY Yield Over Time
    The promise of a growing annual percentage yield (APY) for holding DGB tokens paid in Digital Gold Treasury Notes (DGN), encouraging long-term holding and stabilizing the token's economy.

  5. It's Gold
    The token's design to represent a quantifiable measure of gold adds a tangible aspect to its value, appealing to those who are interested in gold as a traditional store of value.

anime girl wif gold bar

How to buy $DGB?

Digital Gold on Base Chain as well as the Base Mainnet itself is still in its early days. The way to purchase our token requires a few more steps than a regular cryptocurrency, which is good news, it means you are here at the right time. (This is not financial advice)

Phone User

    0. Coinbase & Coinbase wallet recommended. Get those.
  1. Make a Coinbase account and Coinbase wallet
  2. Buy Ethereum on Coinbase
  3. Send Ethereum to Coinbase wallet
  4. In your favorite web browser, Safari perhaps, go to the website and click Launch App

    Please be sure to not click things like this indiscriminately and connect your wallet, only do so when the source is trusted and verified.

  5. Copy and paste the contract into the search bar of Uniswap: 0x73655ef1AFB40B8a8e44b2d308AD4cd95b7ec97b
  6. Once you have the Ethereum you want to use in the top, and Digital Gold on Base Chain in the bottom, click swap
  7. You will be prompted by your wallet to verify the swap and ask if you accept or reject the transaction.
another view of the nice anime lady with the gold bar

Computer User

  1. Get wallet. Community seems to use one named MetaMask, but Coinbase Wallet could also work as a browser extension in your favorite web browser.
  2. Navigate to the 'Settings' option within your wallet and locate the networks section. Manually include a new network, and input the following details for Base:

    Network Name: Base
    RPC Endpoint:
    Chain ID: 8453
    Currency Symbol: ETH
    Block Explorer:
    Click on 'CONNECT TO BASE' after saving the information. Upon completion, you can connect to Base by choosing it from the network selection menu.
  3. To fund your Base wallet with ETH, you have a couple of options:

    Transfer ETH from Coinbase, Binance, Byit, or OKX to your Base wallet. Ensure you select Base as the withdrawal network.
    Utilize the following bridges to transfer ETH to Base from another chain:
    Official Base Bridge:
    To employ these bridges, connect your wallet, choose the network you wish to bridge from, designate Base as the target network, and specify the amount of ETH you intend to transfer.
  4. Change the network in your wallet to Base from the network dropdown menu.
  5. Visit
  6. Link your wallet to Uniswap
  7. In the lower swap field, choose a token and enter the official $DGB token address: 0x73655ef1AFB40B8a8e44b2d308AD4cd95b7ec97b
  8. Execute the swap by following these steps:

    Input the desired amount of ETH.
    Adjust the slippage to your preferred % by clicking on the settings.
    Click on "Swap."
    Confirm the transaction within your wallet.