Digital Gold & Digital Gold Treasury Notes

Digital Gold (DGB) is a token on the Base Mainnet that is backed by a mechanism similar to gold's ever-increasing growth trend. The token is deflationary and has a strong community of holders.

DGN: On May 21st 2024 we introduced a staking option for your Digital Gold tokens to reward with Digital Gold Treasury Note tokens (DGN). The Treasury Notes can also be staked for a lesser reward of themselves.

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dgn treasury note Digital Gold Treasury Notes on Uniswap

The only token of its kind, backed by mechanisms similar to gold's ever-increasing growth trend.

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Beware of imitations

There have been tokens minted under the same exact name and ticker for rugpulls. DGB will never rug, just be sure you're transacting with the correct contract:
DGB Ca: 0x73655ef1AFB40B8a8e44b2d308AD4cd95b7ec97b
DGN Ca: 0xaae78ac4eBF6Df02b0249A5Dd52A354221527437

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